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  • Hello, I am trying to set up rule for incoming emails, such new RFCs are created. I set up autofilling of Responsible field to value of allowed usergroup in status =draft and rest of requied fields are filled from parsing structured email. New RFC should be created in status =Draft. According to workflow default Responsible user should be set up to current user. Unfortunatelly sent emails don’t create new RFCs. Error appears :invalid user assigned to Responsible in status workflow. Could you advice me what is the reason of this behaviour? What else should i check in ot? What causes …

    Magdalena OTE Newbie Gefragt auf 7. März 2019 in Email Gateway.
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  • Hi, I am using a view to see the open incidents that havent had any changes during the last 10 days. I would like to send in bulk to all those incidents an email to the responsible as a reminder that the ticket is still on his list. How can i do that?

    De Rijcke Frederik OTE Newbie Gefragt auf 5. April 2017 in Email Gateway.
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