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  • Does anyone have Omnitracker installed in MS Azure with MFA and can share the experience? I wonder whether it is possible to set it up and would really appreciate any tips on how to configure it.

    Magdalena OTE Newbie Asked on 14. May 2020 in Web GW.
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  • Hello, have any of you ever tried to create a real dark theme for the web gateway? Thx.

    Marko Smolny OTE Newbie Asked on 30. March 2020 in Web GW.
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  • Hello there! When logging out from SSP or WG and using Windows Authentication, I’d like to forward the user back to the login screen (it ignores the login screen when using Windows Authentication – guestlogin=1). The workaround I have for it so far is to send the user to the OTWGSingletonLogout page. I know that I can always set up a custom HTML with a form that posts to the login page, but I expect the tool to have a proper way to do it. PS: We do not want to handle webguest users and passwords, thus, windows authentication is …

    Walter Henrike OTE Newbie Asked on 21. May 2019 in Web GW.
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  • Hi, is it possible to create permanent link to web client(Web Gateway) of OmniTracker to share it with colleague? Is it possible to generate such link to web client with object number or id?(to refer from other apps) Thanks a lot for your answers, Daniel

    Daniel Kec OTE Newbie Asked on 23. October 2018 in Web GW.
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  • How can I define the Headline/ Field  in Detail View for Mobile Clients?

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